We value highly our existing relationships with many organisations in the Hunter Region and Central Coast, and enjoy the stimulation associated with working with the unique problems and concerns of each individual client.  Our experience ensures that we bring a strong level of understanding and professionalism to an ongoing relationship with you.

As previously outlined, our Psychologists are able to provide services which can compliment treatments provided by other health professionals. Our Psychologists work with the way people think, feel and behave, and focus on how their habits and behaviours can impact upon their mental and physical well-being. AusPsych Psychologists have an understanding of human behaviour and motivation. We can provide support and strategies to help patients to adjust to and cope with difficult situations. This can often have a direct impact upon the patient’s participation in treatment.

Our Psychologists help mentally healthy people find ways of functioning better. They provide information and strategies to address concerns and encourage patients to access additional support services available.

As outlined in Our Services, we offer a wide range of professional, psychological services in the areas of counselling and assessment, trauma, relationship/marital, child and adolescent, injury adjustment, pain management, anxiety and mood disorders, personal issues, rehabilitation, medico-legal, and employee assistance services. We have established an outstanding record for the high standard programs we deliver to meet the needs of the employer, the individual client, their respective families and the general community.

Our Psychologists are also able to provide critical incident debriefings, mediations, training and coaching. Hypnotherapy is also available in some locations. Provision of counselling is available on either a group or individual basis. This requires a thorough initial assessment of the nature of the situation, as to whether a group setting would be psychologically effective and appropriate as an intervention.

At times, whilst it may appear clear to other health practitioners that a patient may benefit from further support, patients can be reluctant to pursue counselling themselves. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as:

  • Fear or unfamiliarity with the process of what is involved or expected
  • Misperceptions of counselling and a possible stigma of seeing a mental health professional
  • Concerns regarding confidentiality

All Psychologists employed by AusPsych are registered with the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency and are eligible for membership with the Australian Psychological Society. Our Psychologists are also approved to provided counselling with the Vietnam Veteran’s Counselling Service and Victims Services.

How can the service be accessed?

We are able to assist in the development and implementation of an easy referral system that will allow employees to access our counselling services quickly and effectively, with same-day contact made on the day the referral is received.

AusPsych guarantees prompt, caring, professional and informed psychological services that make a difference. We keep in touch with you and provide regular updates.

If you have any further queries or to make a referral, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.