Critical Incident Management

AusPsych provides immediate response to any traumatic incident on a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year basis. AusPsych’s critical incident team, which consists of qualified Psychologists, has a proven track record, formal training, a minimum of 5 years of trauma counselling experience, and a demonstrated ability to provide professional Critical Incident Management Services.  AusPsych will provide an effective approach to assisting organisations to better manage their exposure as a result of critical incidents. AusPsych’s goal is to minimise the undesirable effects and impact of these incidents. We work to facilitate a normalisation of reactions, encourage employees to mobilise their own coping skills and to speed up the natural recovery process. The aim of our intervention is to minimise or prevent employees from requiring time away from the workplace.  Emphasis is placed on getting back to a ‘normal’ routine that enhances recovery.

AusPsych responds to the critical incident support request immediately, and commits to being onsite promptly, ensuring that the intervention is tailored to align with already existing Critical Incident Management programs, protocols and needs. AusPsych works closely with the appropriate people within the organisation should an incident take place.

Features of our Critical Incident Management Services include the following:

  • 24 hours, 365 days on call service throughout the Hunter and Central Coast Regions
  • Experienced and appropriately trained psychologists available to provide on-site provision of evidence based, best practice Critical Incident Management for all affected employees
  • Comprehensive in-house critical incident skill maintenance, support and supervision of our critical incident intervention team
  • Formal procedures, both for the management of the incident and to follow-up post incident
  • Provision of critical incident intervention activity statements at the completion of our involvement. These reports adhere to strict confidentiality requirements and are directed to your organisation’s nominated representative
  • On-going contact times are scheduled to maximise an individual’s recovery. AusPsych’s Critical Incident intervention model works on an onsite at time of incident, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month principal to follow-up with each employee at these intervals
  • Critical Incident Management File – details the tracking of the entire  intervention following the incident
  • Critical Incident Manager Hotline support, advice and consultation – for Supervisors, Managers and key personnel
  • Critical Incident database

AusPsych adopts a pro-active model of Critical Incident Management which recommends and can provide training for Managers, Supervisors, key personnel, and all employees, in line with an organisation’s identified needs and requirements. AusPsych also provides consultancy and expert advice to our client organisations in the development of policies and procedures to be implemented in the event of a critical incident.

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